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Big firm audit fees continue to rise
Posted by Jon Pryse-Jones on July 18, 2016

Less competition means larger audit fees – but there are alternatives out there When it comes to situations that cause you sleepless nights, finding a decent auditor when you need one is unlikely to come at the top of the list. That may well change soon if your company requires an annual audit. It’s because,

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Get taxed early and it could pay you dividends!
Posted by Jon Pryse-Jones on February 12, 2016

Act now and you could save money before new tax rules bite There’s nothing more calculated to spoil your morning than a large bill from HMRC nestling amongst your morning post. Most of us simply sigh and pay up, even if at the last possible moment. Others decide to let off steam by sending the

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We’ll sort out the GAAP in your accounts…
Posted by THP on September 20, 2015

Many businesses take a similar approach to their accounts as drivers do to their cars. They know how to use them, but they’ve got only a vague idea about what’s really going on underneath the bonnet. That’s why, if you ask the average business owner what the acronym GAAP means to them, you’re likely to

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5 key characteristics of a successful retail business
Posted by THP on August 11, 2015

How does your business compare? According to the Centre for Retail Research, some 43 medium-to-large sized retail businesses went bust in 2014 – affecting 1,314 stores and 12,335 employees. And while these statistics make painful reading, you need to remember that they don’t even include the many thousands of smaller retailers who have perished during

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Going ‘beyond accountancy’ to help a business thrive
Posted by THP on December 10, 2014

Mark’s enthusiasm for his work is infectious. Spend half an hour in his company and you’re left in no doubt that he’s built a business by putting people first. It has paid off. Today Mark Mountney has a chain of three salons – a flagship studio and a men’s salon in Wanstead, plus a boutique-style

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