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Made a trading loss? Here’s how you can use it to cut your tax bill….
Posted by Jon Pryse-Jones on September 25, 2017

A trading loss can sometimes relate to a tax refund. Learn more about how to reduce your tax bill with THP

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Tax refund
The benefits of having tax investigation protection
Posted by THP on September 13, 2017

In recent years, HMRC enquiries have been on the rise, with firms and individuals being investigated at random for compliance and accuracy of their returns.

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Dying without a Will, very bad idea!
Posted by Jon Pryse-Jones on August 30, 2017

It’s distressing, but many people still die without making a Will. In legal terms, this means they die “intestate” and when this happens, their assets (or “estate” as it is known) must be shared out according to certain set rules.

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Making Tax Digital and Landlords – the latest
Posted by Jon Pryse-Jones on August 28, 2017

Up until a few weeks ago, if you are a landlord you were going to be drawn into the requirement to upload quarterly details about your property businesses to HMRC under the Making Tax Digital proposals.

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Is your small business missing out on Research & Development tax credits?
Posted by Jon Pryse-Jones on August 4, 2017

Just over a week ago, an article about R&D tax credits on The Times’ website caught my eye. The piece opened with the example of organic farming business owner Richard Holingbery, who hadn’t heard of R&D tax credits until an acquaintance mentioned them to him last year.

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Most Self-Assessment Tax Returns are handled by Accountants for good reason
Posted by Jon Pryse-Jones on July 24, 2017

Innocent errors on a tax return can be a red flag for HMRC and may well draw unwanted attention to the taxpayer. Engaging an accountant can help.

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Taxpayers heave a sigh of relief over MTD update
Posted by Jon Pryse-Jones on July 19, 2017

Latest News on Making Tax Digital! The scheme is postponed for many businesses and shelved completely for others.

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Tax payments due 31 July 2017
Posted by Jon Pryse-Jones on July 10, 2017

If you are self-employed, or registered for self-assessment, we are approaching “that” time of the year. Your second instalment on account for 2016-17 is due for payment at the end of the month – by 31 July 2017.

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Nearly time to pay your taxes
Need help joining the digital age? We are ready to assist.
Posted by Jon Pryse-Jones on June 12, 2017

Computers are not everyone’s cup of tea. Not all of us are script kiddies or code junkies or even computer literate; my mother would likely not recognise a computer even if she tripped over one.

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Making Tax Digital
Are you missing out on a £662 tax rebate?
Posted by Jon Pryse-Jones on June 2, 2017

Tax Payers claiming for the new marriage allowance Apparently, over 4 million tax payers are eligible to claim the new marriage allowance, but only 2 million have actually done so. This adds up to £1.3bn in unclaimed tax refunds.

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The new marriage allowance
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