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Are you running your business efficiently?
Posted by THP on October 9, 2017

A business, it is said, should be a well-oiled machine. But surely this is to oversimplify the growing, evolving entity that a business is. Rather, think of your business as a miniature eco-system that requires care and respect to maintain its balance.

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Our very own Uncle Nige explains why a business owner should NEVER attempt to borrow money when he actually needs it…
Posted by Jon Pryse-Jones on February 10, 2017

It had been a busy day at THP, what with me spreading sweetness and light in the form of five-figure savings for some of my favourite clients. So when I noticed the hands of the office clock pointing to six o’clock, I reasoned that I was probably due a snifter. Five minutes later I was

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The long haul – to state-of-the-art archive storage
Posted by THP on August 25, 2014

CSM Storage & Archives in Dagenham celebrated 12 years of trading this year, but THP’s relationship with the people behind the firm stretches back much further. Back in 1984, CSM’s Colin Morton was running a small haulage business when he was referred to Keith Pullen, now a director at our Chelmsford office.  To begin with

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CSM Storage & Archives
THP Freeagent Seminar
Posted by THP on September 25, 2013

The THP Bookkeeping System The Freeagent seminar took place on Thursday 12 September at the Holiday Inn, Westfield, Stratford.  The attendees included clients that were already using the system so we could provide them with more advanced training, clients that weren’t using it but, we felt, would definitely benefit from the system and contacts providing

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Freeagent Seminar
Retail is Detail
Posted by THP on April 10, 2013

Helping Retail Businesses Thrive   We’re in tough times for the High Street, and even the most well known retailers are feeling the squeeze. Recently, we’ve witnessed the loss of yet more household names. Since the beginning of 2012, High Street brands like Peacocks, Pumpkin Patch, Past Times and HMV have all gone into administration.

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